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At, we want to help freelancers, small businesses and our personal customers reach their potential with a website that does exactly what they want, when they want and is easy to use, run and look after. We love going through the design of a website and getting it done exactly as you want it. It’s not only a good idea to have it look good for your customers, but you also need to like it and know where everything is so you can help direct people if necessary.

When looking at what sort of website you want, it’s important to understand what it’ll do for you. If you’re setting up an online shop, you need to be able to take payments, have product listings with photos, prices, maybe recommendations and links to all the pages.

If you’re a personal customer then you might want it as a blog, portfolio for work or university/college or an affiliate site. This means you’ll need to have different pages for the sections you want to showcase, have it easy to update with new blogs or articles, have the correct policies in place and make sure it looks good on mobile and desktop.

An SME will want their website to look inviting, professional and clear. People coming to the website might be potential clients or suppliers, so it’s vital that your website is concise, easy to navigate and explains exactly what you do.

How we can help

We can work with you to create the website of your dreams, creating it in WordPress and adding in any integrations you need or using Shopify or WooCommerce to come up with a shop that will have you selling your products in no time at all.

We’ll use your brand colours and logo to weave through the pages so it’s always on brand and we’ll help with copy for the site if you wish. From working on product pages, to setting up your payment integrations and looking at how any blogs and content will look and giving your overall site the professional look, it deserves.

There is nothing worse than having a site that doesn’t run quick enough or doesn’t work due to broken links. With our web hosting services, we can not only help design your website, we can also host it and keep it running, with regular management checks, reports about performance and overall maintenance. want to help you and your business get off to a good start, and having a well-designed, managed website will do just that. Contact us today to discuss your website requirements.


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