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When building an online shop website with you, we’ll get to know you, your brand and the products you’re going to be selling. This way, we can work out exactly what you need, how it will all look and the different integrations we might look into to get you up and running as smoothly as possible.

Product pages are one of the most important parts of your website, it gives the customer an idea of what you’re selling, along with pictures, the price and a description. It makes it easy for them to order the product and you can customise it to make it look and feel as enticing as possible.

Why is a product page important?

Without a product page, where would your customers go when they’ve found the product they want to buy? It’s important to have individual pages for each product to showcase them and give the buyer peace of mind that the product does or looks like they expect.

Product pages should:

Inform – give all the information you can about the product. This can include the materials it’s made from, a full product description with bullet points for features and benefits, pictures of the product and the standard delivery and returns information.

Delight – Having professional photography done for your products will help enhance them, if you cannot do this; then by making sure the photos are clean, have no distractions behind the products and are of as many angles as possible you should ensure your customer loves the look of what they’re going to buy

Reassure – An attractive product page gives a shopper the peace of mind that your business is a good one, it’ll look after them and the product is high quality. It also makes them want to buy other products on your site.

Product pages dos and don’ts

  • Have enticing product descriptions – A great product description allows the buyer to imagine owning the product and how it will change their life. List the benefits as well as the features and don’t be afraid to specific and back them up. Product descriptions should also be succinct, they don’t need to be 300 words long, if they’re done right, they’ll hook the buyer in.
  • Use videos demonstrating the product – There’s a reason why infomercials were so popular and why shopping channels still pull in thousands of viewers. Having demonstrations of your products goes a long way for the buyer to see exactly what the item can do. If a product cannot be demonstrated, then use product videos with a full 360’ angle of the product so customers can see it fully.
  • Don’t rely on just the product – use reviews if you have them, social media proof to showcase just how awesome the product is and use recommendations for other products as an upselling tool.
  • Make it easy to buy – use payment integration tools to make more payment options available to your customers. With WooCommerce or Shopify we can integrate a range of tools so you can take Credit and Debit payments, VeriSign, PayPal and Worldpay as well as many others so you can opt for the ones you want to use.

If you want to have the professional touch on your website, whether it’s a shop, blog or company page – then speak to Strand Creative and we’ll get your ideas off the ground.

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