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Shopify Developers Manchester

We are Strand Creative: Shopify Developers in Manchester, let the experts help you grow your online store.


The best Shopify developers Manchester has to offer!

Starting a business? Moving online from retail premises? Or just looking for a change of ecommerce provider?

We have what it takes – partner with us and we’re there for you every step of the way.

Call us on 0161 250 5040 to get in touch with the best Shopify Developers in Manchester.

How Shopify can help you grow your business

Get started and let Strand Creative: Shopify Developers Manchester help your business grow!

Your brand identity is all yours. Just yours. No-one else’s.

And you need your online shopfront to reflect who you are. Just you. Nobody else.

Shopify can help you look exactly right for you: it has a huge range of templates to choose from, even if you’re a coding numpty.

You can customise everything – your logo, your text, your colour choice and your video profile… Your ‘front-of-house’ will look the biz!

It’s an admin superhero. You can process orders and manage your products, with prices, stock control and delivery options set up and ready to whizz your products directly to your customers.

Shopify partners with about 100 different payment gateways, too, so your international sales are as easy as pie.

They also have great analytics, so you can track your whos and your how manys and your whens, making your marketing planning more effective.

Links to social media? Of course! Just integrate the account you want with your store and sell directly wherever your ideal customer hangs out. Wherever your brand’s home is, Shopify has made it easy for you.

As if all that wasn’t quite enough, Shopify also offers a range of support strategies for small businesses.

And, yes, it’s secure – certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. That means your payment transfers are protected, and your cardholder data can’t be stolen or leaked.

So, wherever you are in the world, here in Manchester or over the hills and far away, to find out more about Strand’s expertise in Shopify websites, just give us a call.

We can make your ecommerce experience easy and pain-free!


The pros and cons of Shopify

Your business is precious to you. At Strand, we understand this – we’re in the same boat. So, of course you’re going to want to be aware of the arguments for and against having a Shopify ecommerce website.

In a nutshell, here are the Pros:

It’s very easy to use.

You don’t need to be an expert in either Shopify or web development. You can have your website hosted via Shopify and your store can be created so that you can edit your website as and when you need to, for example, if you want to add products or highlight promos and so on.

Easy-to-use interfaces, ridiculously simple navigation bars, high-res images and shopping carts with CTA buttons that stand out from the crowd – what’s not to love?

It loads rapidly.

Slow loading speed is a big no-no in ecommerce websites – you don’t want your shoppers abandoning their carts or heading elsewhere. Fortunately, Shopify has a great reputation for handling page speed.

Multiple channel agency.

Whatever you’re selling, on a Shopify website, you can do it via your social media channels, Amazon, or other apps. How cool is that?

Great support

In lots of different languages and by phone, chat, or email, the helpful Shopify bunch is in action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to sort out any issues you might have.

There’s the Help Center, with lots of FAQs to help guide you step-by-step through the stuff you need to know about.

And the sublimely helpful team at Shopify have also created the Shopify Partner Academy, with videos and courses, to help you develop your skills and grow your business more quickly.

Free trial

You can have a 14-day free trial – just head over to Shopify’s website and you’ll see it on the front page. No need to give them any payment info, just crack on.

Then, if you love it, there are 3 different plans to choose from depending on what you’re after, starting at $29 per month for the Basic level, through to the Shopify Plan at $79 per month, right up to the Advanced Plan at $299. Transaction fees vary, along with the number of staff accounts you get.

And if it doesn’t work for you, there’s no charge. You’re winning all the way.

And the Cons…

Are there any? Everything has some drawback or other, doesn’t it?

But this is what you should know, in the interests of transparency.

You need developers for advanced customisation options.

Shopify isn’t an open-source platform. The good news is, at Strand, we have years of experience and fluency in Liquid code language, so we can help customise your online Shopify store to make it look exactly the way you want it.

Expensive add-ons

Shopify’s brilliant because of its compatibility with so many of the Apps we love to use.

The bad news? Most of those Apps will bill you on a monthly basis. You need to think really carefully before you pile on extra costs that might not be an effective investment.

Its SEO-inflexibility

Shopify wants certain strings added to URLs.

For example, your blog has to have ‘/blog/blog-category/’ in the URL. It’s a bit clunky and makes creating system-compatible marketing content a bit tricky.

If any of these are making you re-consider Shopify take a look at the other options we provide here.


Let’s wrap up…

Shopify is the business.

Or rather, it’s the perfect way for YOU to make your business BOOM.  A perfectly designed, risk-free, ecommerce platform that helps your business grow in just the way you want it to.

If you’re a business owner who likes to be hands-on, you’ve got the free trial facility right there – all you need to do is roll up your sleeves and see what it offers.

Taking your business online or growing your online marketplace couldn’t be much simpler.

And here at Strand with our expert Shopify developers located in Manchester, we’ve got all the extra know-how you need to make the process perfectly pain-free. We like strong, clean code and best SEO practice, so you’re in safe hands!

If you want help designing, building or customising your Shopify store, why not give the Manchester Shopify experts a call on 0161 250 5040 and have a chat with one of our team.

We’ve got your back.


How We Build Our Websites

Beautiful design & robust options. All of our websites are loaded with powerful features that include:

Easy to use CMS

We know WordPress inside out. There’s a reason it powers 37% of the internet

Modern, clean web design

With attention to detail and best user experience practices.

Ecommerce integration

Looking to sell online? We are WooCommerce and Shopify specialists

Set up for SEO campaigns

We use on page best practices to help you quickly rank in search engines

Responsive and Retina Ready

All of our websites are built with mobile in mind

Great Performance

To load your site in the fastest manner possible

Social media integration

We integrate all your social media platforms

GDPR compliant

We use the necessary tools to make sure your site is GDPR compliant


Our Web Development Process

Web Design Manchester

Arrange a meeting

We listen to your requirements and then get the ball rolling

Keep you updated

We begin the website build on our development server or on your live domain behind a coming soon page. We keep you updated throughout the whole process

First Draft Stage

We get your site to a first draft stage where you can feedback your comments and make any necessary changes

Complete website to your satisfaction

Before we go live we ensure your website is to your satisfaction and carry out our pre-launch checklist to ensure the site is perfoming the best it can

Launch website = another happy client

We launch your website and add you to our growing list of happy clients!

What happens after my website is finished?

Once your site is built you will need to host it. If you already have a website and are looking for us to host and support you then choose a package below.

Standard Web Hosting



Yearly hosting on our basic server with 5GB disk space

FREE SSL Certificates

Daily backups (last 7 days)

Regular software updates (updates to WordPress themes and plugins)

Spam and security software

60 mins per month of developer support for changes to your site

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Professional Web Hosting



Professional hosting on a fast server with 10GB disk space

FREE SSL Certificates

Daily backups (last 7 days)

Regular software updates (updates to WordPress themes and plugins)

Spam and security software

60 mins per month of developer support for changes to your site

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Premium Web Hosting



Premium hosting on our fastest server with 15GB disk space

FREE SSL Certificates

Daily backups (last 7 days)

Regular software updates (updates to WordPress themes and plugins)

Spam and security software

60 mins per month of developer support for changes to your site

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Build your dream website today.

Call us on 0161 250 5040.