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SEO Services Manchester

Our Manchester SEO company creates beautiful, usable websites that help our clients to rank online.

Manchester SEO Experts

We offer Search Engine Optimisation agency services from our base in Sale, Manchester.
While we are based out of Manchester, our SEO services are on offer for any business from around the world.

What is SEO?

Strand offers a great service and is located out of: Manchester SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a set of processes and procedures by which a website can be more easily found in search engine results pages (SERPS). Many developers can build great looking websites, but few are adept, like us, in ranking them as well.

The process of SEO is driven by comprehensive keyword research which defines the concept, or ‘intent’ of each page on a website. It almost always means that each page has to be unique in order to convey the meaning of the page to the search engine. This is why SEOs will always talk about ‘unique content’ being very important.

Our Manchester SEO agency offers the very best in high quality technical and content driven optimisation.

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Why do I need to SEO my website?

With so many websites written about every subject imaginable, only the best ones will rank for any given keyword. The reason for this is because search engines like Google want to provide only the best results to the browser. There is simply no point presenting information on one subject when a person is searching for another. Likewise, why rank an inferior page over a well written one?

Good SEO is centred around a strategic Keyword approach.

1.  Visitors go to enter a keyword or phrase into a search engine like Google.

2.  The algorithms (set of calculations) display the most relevant pages to the browser, based on the terms entered.

3.  Great SEO needs to be kept in mind at all times so that pages will rank highly for a particular keyword or keyphrase.

4. When this is done properly the page will rank well in SERPS for a particular search term.

Search engines are intuitive, so keywords must be chosen carefully so that one page does not overlap with another. This is called ‘cannibalisation’ for good reason. One page can destroy another unless the keywords used are substantially different.

There are other reasons apart from these on-page signals why a page doesn’t rank. Off-page strategies include backlinks and citations which we explain below.

Our SEO experts research keywords thoroughly so that you can rank for your given niche, not just in Manchester but nationally or globally depending on your company objectives.

Services by Manchester based SEO agency

SEO is a complicated process. It combines good technical understanding with expert copywriting. Not everyone can get it right which is why so few websites are optimised. Fortunately, we are SEO experts based in Manchester.

With company websites being so important in today’s competitive marketplace, a great SEO company behind you is vitally important to your company’s success.

Here at we offer expert Manchester located SEO experts to successfully help clients achieve Page 1 ranking on Google using an organic SEO approach, quickly and legitimately-all at affordable prices.

We work with our partner agencies in Manchester to offer full SEO campaigns, marketing campaigns, local SEO, link building services etc. to build and increase your online presence.

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On-Page SEO Company

On page SEO starts with a full technical SEO Audit. After fixing these issues, our Manchester SEO agency will begin the art of creating unique and relevant content on the pages of your website. This includes adding the primary keyword or phrase to the various elements of the page

Components of On-Page SEO

There are many SEO elements to a perfectly constructed page – these include:

Technical SEO Audit and fix
Keywords in Meta Title & Description
Keywords in headings
Alternative tags containing keywords (Alt Tags)
The use of synonyms and ‘baby anchor text’
The exclusion of keyword stuffing
Anchor text of internal links
Relevant URLs
Size of page and images.

There are many elements which affect the SEO of a particular page. The process is complicated and best left to the experts.

Off-Page SEO Agency

Off-page SEO is the art of promoting your website externally or ‘off-site’. It involves a number of techniques which you can do without altering the content of your website directly affecting its performance in SERPS.

Components of Off-Page SEO

Obtaining good backlinks is one of the best ways of enhancing a website in SERPS. However, a careful strategy needs to be developed to ensure they come from the right places.

*  Is this linking site relevant to my business?
*  Is linking site also linking to other low-quality sites?
*  Is the linking site or page ranking well in the search engines?
*  What is the domain authority of the linking site?

There are many ways of obtaining backlinks from local citations by directory submissions like Yell & Thompson through article submission, blog commenting, press releases and classified ads.

All forms of off-page search engine optimisation are time-consuming and labour intensive.

Note: When a site is completely new with a recently registered URL it can take up to 1 year for it to rank fully within search engines. 

Directory Submissions to enhance domain authority

Submitting to directories is an easy first step to getting backlinks but webmasters can’t just submit to any directory. It must be thought out properly with a strategy for identifying the best and most relevant directories for the business.

These submissions help in two ways:

1. The directory submission will create internal traffic from those people visiting the from the inbound site. If it is relevant to your business then the traffic will be highly targetted and create activity on the business website from the directory. This ‘juice’ is important as search engines measure the relevancy of links.

2. If the incoming link is from a site with a high DA (domain authority) then the link alone is also important. The higher the backlink profile, the better the site will potentially rank.

Linking will not automatically enhance ranking. It is just one part of a carefully thought out Manchester SEO strategy.

SEO To Rank Locally

Local SEO will help your business appear to people in your local area. This is essential for small companies who want to have an online presence.

For local SEO, we can set up a new Google account and register your business in order to control your listing. You then need to make your entry ‘relevant’ by entering information, categorising your services, uploading photos and embedding videos, adding a logo, opening hours and much more.

Google Local can help your business appear at the top of Google before the search results so that you are in a prime location to win all the business.

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Content is King – Blogging for SEO

Content is king – long live the blog!

A ‘blog’ is a publishing tool that allows business owners to create unlimited pages and entries on their websites that include words, photos and videos. We can set up your blog pages and design them to look and feel exactly like the rest of your company website.

You can delegate responsibility for weekly blog updates to your team, or sub-contract it to one of our journalists. Having a good amount of consistent, keyword-rich content will help raise your site’s profile and reinforce thought-leadership and authority from your company.

Blogs fall into two general categories:

  • Personal Blogs: A mixture of a personal diary, opinion posts and research links. Think Facebook wall-posts – only longer.
  • Business Blogs: Corporate tools for communicating with customers or employees to share knowledge and expertise.

For small-business owners, blogs are an inexpensive way to get your company’s name out on the Internet.

From an SEO perspective, it is important not to cannibalise your ‘money pages’, so if you have categories that you wish to blog about, then the content may be better suited to making the written content on those categories longer!

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