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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimisation”, and it refers to the procedures, efforts and thought processes behind improving a site’s visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

A relatively young idea, it has become clear that websites higher-up in the SERPs reach much larger audiences, receive more traffic and ultimately make more money. Today,SEO is a multi-billion pound industry that grows substantially every year, and has become a necessity for businesses acting to build greater online success.


Why do I need SEO on my website?

The basic ideas behind SEO centre on keywords:

1.  Visitors go to search engines and type in queries that use specific keywords.
2.  The search engines’ algorithms make connections between this search query and websites they have indexed, displaying the most relevant pages in the SERPs.
3.  SEO techniques are used by site owners to make stronger connections between their site and its relevant keywords.  When successful, the site will appear higher in the SERPs for these specific search queries.
Search engines are very smart, so it’s not as simple as piling in as many keywords as possible. In addition, keywords used on-site are only one small part of the complex equation used to determine site relevance. Other important parts of SEO such as links, traffic, and usability are also important.  Hyper-focusing on one aspect of SEO (such as on-page keywords) can actually harm your efforts.

There are many different ‘signals’ the algorithms take into effect to determine site relevance. Generally, these can be divided into on-page and off-page indicators of site strength and popularity. The weight each signal carries is never exactly clear and evolves over time, so the basics of SEO involve an understanding of the many signals the search engines are using, and building the assumed strength for each of them as they relate to your site.

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Search Engine Optimisation SEO is somewhat of an art – blending marketing, analysis, understanding trends and behaviours, and the sense to take a measured risk.   The potential rewards can stagger the imagination.

Most businesses with websites should be aware of SEO and optimising their sites. Today, the web plays a much larger role in the daily business routines of most industries.

People search for anything and everything online.  You only have to look at the Yellow Pages directory: the big yellow book it was solely associated with has declined to the point that the company behind it moved it to

Here at a digital marketing agency,Manchester search engine optimisation services by SEO Manchester experts have sucessfully helped clients achieving Page 1 ranking on Google using organic SEO approach quickly and legitimately-all at affordable prices.

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