On page SEO is the process of optimising the content within the pages of your website.  This includes all the text, images, headings, page titles, links and more.  Anything uploaded to your site’s domain/server is considered on-page.


Components of On Page SEO

There are several key factors of On-Page SEO. One of the most discussed is keyword density, which is given as a percentage (%).  The per cent value represents the number of times a keyword or phrase appears compared to the total number of words on a page. Other on-page factors include the total amount of indexable text a page has, as well as the usage of bold text and headings.

A full list of aspects we would look at could include:


Keywords in <title> tagKeywords in URLKeyword density in document text

Keywords in anchor text

Keywords in headings

Keywords in the document

Keywords in <alt> tags

Keywords in metatags

Keyword proximity

Keyword phrases

Secondary keywords

Keyword stemming


Keyword Mistypes

Keyword dilution

Keyword stuffing

Anchor text of inbound links

Origin of inbound links

Links from similar sites

Links from .edu and .gov sites

Number of backlinks

Anchor text of internal links

Around-the-anchor text

Age of inbound links

Links from directories

Number of outgoing links

Named anchorsIP address of inbound linkInbound links from suspicious sites

Many outgoing links

Excessive linking, link spamming

Outbound links to suspicious sites


Single pixel links

<Description> metatag

<Keywords> metatag

<Language> metatag

<Refresh> metatag

Unique content

Frequency of content change

Keywords font size

Keywords formatting

Age of document

File size

Content separation

Poor coding and design

Illegal Content

Invisible text


Doorway pages

Duplicate content


Images in textPodcasts and videosImages instead of text links




A Flash home page

Keyword-rich URLs and filenames

Site Accessibility


Site size

Site age

Site theme

File Location on SiteDomains

Top-level domains (TLDs)

Hyphens in URLs

URL length

IP address

Adsense will boost your ranking

Adwords will boost your ranking

Hosting downtime

Dynamic URLs

Session IDs

Bans in robots.txt

Redirects (301 and 302)


On-Page SEO is not the only aspect that needs to be considered. It merely optimises the website for readability by search engines. It does not magically magnetise people to your site, although your organic listings will be greatly improved.  However, for niche businesses and websites, thorough On-Page SEO as listed above could mean the difference between a page 3 and a page 1 listing on Google.