Video has become one of the most powerful content formats in recent years – whether as a regular part of a blog or as a viral content strategy – but when you’re using video as a strategy it pays to consider how to use it effectively.


We know that ‘content is king’, but video is at the top of that hierarchy. Almost 58% of all Internet users globally searched for video content in 2010.  That’s a lot of people.  Video is the ultimate realm of online marketing and can help with SEO to massively improve Google Rankings.  Google has taken note of the trends in video viewing, and you can actually see video results being displayed in Google search listings – ahead of the normal results at the top of the page.  See below for an example:



  • YouTube is owned by Google. It’s the most popular entertainment website in the UK, ahead of the BBC
  • Every day, potential customers and prospects search Google and YouTube for market and sector videos
  • Google can read the video titles, keyword tags and descriptions of YouTube videos, and you can also get a link back to your own site from a high-PR site such as YouTube.
  • Businesses need their own videos on YouTubee to dominate and multiply the number of 1st page Google rankings that link to their website.
  • We teach your marketing team how to create & edit effective videos within minutes, using standard Windows software, upload them to YouTube and embed the videos onto your website or blog immediately.


It would be naive to start a Sponsored Channel and expect millions of viewers to tune in right away. However, YouTube does represent a great opportunity for marketers to reach consumers who are searching for information about a brand or related products and services. YouTube can also be a powerful direct marketing tool, provided that it is considered as part of the marketing mix rather than a tactic in a vacuum.


One thing is becoming apparent: The brands that achieve long-term success on YouTube are the ones that consistently and frequently publish refreshing content that has intrinsic value for audiences online.




We engage your audience with your content within their social spaces. Generating engagement and genuine ‘buzz’ are our key objectives.


We seed through a carefully chosen portfolio of entertainment & lifestyle sites, social networking platforms and an ever-increasing network of quality blogs covering all verticals and interest groups.


We plan each campaign around the objectives of the client and target specific online communities internationally, nationally and using the latest social tools regionally. We open your accounts on:

  • 30 of the top video websites
  • 15 of the top podcast sites
  • More than 200 of the top social bookmarking sites
  • Some social networks
  • Some Twitter-type sites
  • Influential blogs
  • Tons of podcast directories
  • We optimise all of your videos and text, reformatting your video to make it podcast-ready for best search results.
  • We blast it out to all the sites in our network.
  • Then we go back and notify all the podcast directories and social bookmarking sites that your media exists.


Search-engine spiders hit videos, podcasts, blogs, bookmarking and social networking sites about every two hours. Videos, podcasts, blogs, bookmarking and social networking sites rise to the top of searches faster than any other sites.  We direct all the links to your own website, bringing your official website up the search engine ranking charts with high-ranking backlinks.  This results in search engine optimisation for your own website as well.


As soon as the campaign goes live, it’s possible to start seeing yourself on the first couple of pages of Google, MSN, or Yahoo, etc. within 4-12 hours.  Within 48-72 hours, it should be going strong.