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What is a Brochure Style Website?

With so many different websites out there, What is different about Brochure Website Design?


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What is a brochure website?

At its base level a brochure website is simply a digital version of a printed brochure. They display the different products and or services that your company provides. However, unlike e-commerce websites they will not sell the product or service online. When it comes to a brochure website it is only the goods and services that are displayed this means that customers will have to contact the company to purchase an item or book the service.

With brochure website design the sites tend to to be visually stimulating and the best brochure websites make the most of the google algorithm to get the best chance at getting noticed in the search results. These websites are usually always accessible on desktops, smartphones, and tablets through any browser. This allows for you to be sure that your company is reaching the maximum number of people.

A well put together brochure website is great for promoting your brand and business. However, there is a difference between a brochure website & lead generation, you can find out more about this here. Using keywords and enthralling images they are able to engage with people and really help sell your business to the brochure websites visitors.

If you believe that your business may benefit from a more e-commerce style website, where you are able to display both products and services as well as allowing the customers to make online transactions, head over to our e-commerce page.


What do brochure websites look like?

When it comes to brochure website design almost any style and aesthetic can be accomplished with a brochure website. In our opinion we would actually say that there’s a strong chance that most brochure sites are more appealing than the more complex sites this is due to the fact that a large percentage of the fee can go towards the actual brochure website design as opposed to the development.

If you would like to view a wide range of the different sites we’ve created, make you way over to our portfolio page and take a look around. We have a wide variety of website examples that are not just brochure websites, allowing you to get a good understand and view on what type of website will fit you and your business best!


Is it worth building an additional brochure website if my business already has a website?

The simple answer is it can’t hurt!

If you have a new product or service perhaps that doesn’t seem to fit the existing business profile or web page, then we would indeed recommended that you have a new website created for the new strand of business.

Over our time doing web design we have seen a lot of small businesses add a new service, product or change their businesses branding. In this situation, then we would suggest to have a second website which can be a brochure website. The reason we would suggest doing this is because a new service doesn’t correlate with the old brand profile, will harm the credibility of your business.

Although, it should be said that if the only reason for you considering a brochure website design is due tot the fact that the main website doesn’t do as well as you would like, then we would advise that you investigate the reasons for the main website not converting as many clients as you expected.

Find out more not just about our brochure website design but all the different types of websites we offer here!


How We Build Our Websites

Beautiful design & robust options. All of our websites are loaded with powerful features that include:

Easy to use CMS

We know WordPress inside out. There’s a reason it powers 37% of the internet

Modern, clean web design

With attention to detail and best user experience practices.

Ecommerce integration

Looking to sell online? We are WooCommerce and Shopify specialists

Set up for SEO campaigns

We use on page best practices to help you quickly rank in search engines

Responsive and Retina Ready

All of our websites are built with mobile in mind

Great Performance

To load your site in the fastest manner possible

Social media integration

We integrate all your social media platforms

GDPR compliant

We use the necessary tools to make sure your site is GDPR compliant


Our Web Development Process

Web Design Manchester

Arrange a meeting

We listen to your requirements and then get the ball rolling

Keep you updated

We begin the website build on our development server or on your live domain behind a coming soon page. We keep you updated throughout the whole process

First Draft Stage

We get your site to a first draft stage where you can feedback your comments and make any necessary changes

Complete website to your satisfaction

Before we go live we ensure your website is to your satisfaction and carry out our pre-launch checklist to ensure the site is perfoming the best it can

Launch website = another happy client

We launch your website and add you to our growing list of happy clients!

What happens after my website is finished?

Once your site is built you will need to host it. If you already have a website and are looking for us to host and support you then choose a package below.

Standard Web Hosting



Yearly hosting on our basic server with 5GB disk space

FREE SSL Certificates

Daily backups (last 7 days)

Regular software updates (updates to WordPress themes and plugins)

Spam and security software

60 mins per month of developer support for changes to your site

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Professional Web Hosting



Professional hosting on a fast server with 10GB disk space

FREE SSL Certificates

Daily backups (last 7 days)

Regular software updates (updates to WordPress themes and plugins)

Spam and security software

60 mins per month of developer support for changes to your site

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Premium Web Hosting



Premium hosting on our fastest server with 15GB disk space

FREE SSL Certificates

Daily backups (last 7 days)

Regular software updates (updates to WordPress themes and plugins)

Spam and security software

60 mins per month of developer support for changes to your site

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