Website Security

server-strand-creative is a UK website security specialist based in Manchester. We offer high quality website security solutions to a wide variety of clients, from personal customers through to online businesses of all sizes.


Industry leading solutions is a leader in UK website security solutions. We have developed security files and software for clients and we are often among the first security specialists to develop solutions to website-based virus and malware attacks.


Security at the forefront

No matter how small or large your business or website is, security should be at the forefront of your setup. It is an unfortunate fact that website attacks are dramatically increasing.


So what can we do?

We offer a variety of solutions, from a one-off ‘security health-check’ to a complete overhaul of your entire system and files. We have developed highly successful techniques for greatly enhancing website security in an efficient, cost effective way. can offer you a variety of security services depending on your system and setup requirements:

  • Security Assessment (1 – 3 hour assessment of your website’s setup)
  • Std Security Package (our standard security enhancement service)
  • Adv Security Package (our advanced security enhancement service)
  • Custom Security Package (response/zero hour security service)
  • Disaster Recovery (Been hacked? We know what to do)