WordPress Design

Here at STRANDcreative.com, we thrive on the latest technologies and systems used to create and build powerful websites. WordPress is at an all-time high in popularity at the moment – partially due to the added features that the latest release has enabled, but also because of the flexibility and power that the open-source system can provide.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), originally set up as a blog publishing device but now used in a more expansive way as a user friendly Web Design tool that allows content to be managed easily on a stable platform, making it the perfect device for use in building a business website.

It’s user-friendly nature means that it can be used to modernise your website with no difficulty, allowing your customers to receive up-to-the-minute updates.


Custom and Preset WordPress packages

At STRANDcreative.com, we are committed to CMS development, ensuring that your WordPress website is tailor-made to suit the needs of your business. Our in-house staff are highly experienced in all aspects of WordPress, meaning that your site will get the attention to detail that it deserves throughout the design process, from beginning to end.

We can also equip you with a professional blog application, providing you with a platform on which to publish your own musings, be they business-related news and industry articles or personal anecdotes and messages, online.

This application can be easily integrated into your present web design, allowing you to share your thoughts and opinions with your client base, adding a personal touch to your business’ online operation.



WordPress Development services

Clients hire us because they know that the senior person they meet at the initial meeting is the senior person who delivers their project.  As a mix of technologists and marketing professionals, we have the expertise to match your communications objectives with WordPress functionality seamlessly.  We’re able to manage your whole WordPress project, take over once your design is finished, or help with enhancing your existing website with custom coding or plugin selection & implementation.  We’d like to think that we’re experts in WordPress now (we’ve been using and customising the framework for years!), so we are confident to offer our services to those requiring it:

  • WordPress installation and server set-up
  • Theme customisation
  • Theme Development
  • Plug-in customisation
  • Plug-in set-up
  • Addition of new features

… and obviously all of the above for a full WordPress service of installation, design and development.